If you want to make your interior looks unique, you must choose ethnic furniture to furnish your interior and exterior. One of the ethnic furniture styles you can choose are Jakarta furniture. Furniture pieces from Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia are unique and attractive. It has beautiful details which you will not find on other traditional furniture from other ethnics. Ethnic furniture pieces from Indonesia are made of various materials. Some of them are teak, rosewood, and mahogany. The most popular one is teak furniture.

The advantages of having teak furniture from Jakarta

There are several advantages that you’ll have if you furnish your space with teak furniture. Here are some of them.

Teak furniture is durable.

Teak is an excellent wood. It has high level of hardness. As a result, it can last for a very long time. This particular wood species can be used for making bed frames, wardrobes, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Due to the high level of hardness, teak wood can be easily shaped and cut. That’s why it can be used to make various types of furniture.

Teak can stand the weather pretty well

Teak furniture is weather proof. That’s why many homeowners choose this particular furniture to furnish their exterior, such as patios and porches. It will not be damaged when it is exposed to sun, rain, and cold. The color of unfinished teak will change when it is constantly exposed to sun. It will lose its brown color and turn into grayish ones. If you don’t like this change of color, you can choose stained or painted teak.

It adds elegance and luxury in your home

Teak furniture pieces are usually made in great design. It has beautiful details that look elegant and luxurious. As a result, they add more elegance and luxury in your interior.

How to buy Jakarta teak furniture

To get all the advantages of teak furniture, you must make sure that you buy ones in excellent quality. Teak woods are graded based on its quality. Grade A teak wood has excellent hardness. Aside from considering the grade of the wood, you must also make sure that it has low moisture level. A properly kiln-dried teak is very durable and strong. In order to have durable teak furniture, you need to choose one with 12% of moisture or lower. In purchasing teak furniture pieces, you must also consider the hardware quality, design, and price.

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