Learning about types of Popular Creative Interior Design

When it comes to creative interior design, many people without Interior Design background typically only go for what they think is visually appealing. Often they make their decorative decision based on their favorites, on whether they like it or not – not whether they look well when put together. This process typically takes a long time as they go by feel and after a while they often feel stuck, while decorating a room can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to take years to complete. A good way to ensure the efficiency is by sticking to the design you are going for. The following is a list of a few popular design you can adopt for your interior.


Reflecting classic European-decor, Traditional design is a perfect design for those aiming for a warm yet elegant look. The trademark of this design is a combination of intricate architectural details, deep wood tones, and elegant furnishing.

American Classic

American Classic kitchen set

Unlike Traditional design, American Classic Interior emphasizes heavily on formal design with particular fabrics and woodwork. The woodwork isn’t restricted to cabinetry, but used throughout the house – from mantels, to ceiling moulding. Hardwood such as mahogany and chestnut are preferred whereas velveteens, brocades and tapestry are the preferred fabrics.


This design looks distinctive due to the emphasize on materials and shapes. It’s characterized in rigid geometric shapes with clean lines such as rectangles and squares. Wood and stainless steel or plastic are common materials used throughout the house.


Many people confuse Contemporary design for Modern, when in fact the former is evolving unlike the latter, this is why contemporary can be a fusion of Modern and Traditional – it evolves to follow the current creative interior design trend.


Minimalist Interior Design is characterized by muted color as the primary and completed with an accent color to highlight the accessories or furnitures you have – creating a clean and streamlined look.


The illusion of unfurnished material and rough surfaces or edges is what makes this design look raw yet inviting. With exposed bricks and polished concrete, steel beam with neutral color scheme giving the room a crisp and clean look.


The right combination of shape and functionality with equal mixture of proper amount of color and natural light. The Scandinavian Interior Design is characterized with light color scheme combined with colored furnishings and reclaimed lumber flooring.

Shabby Chic

Aiming for feminine and romantic look with a dash of vintage vibe? With Old French linens, vintage decorative items and soft-colored distressed paint, this creative interior design is perfection.

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