Characteristics of American Classic Interior Design

What makes American Classic Interior Design different? Yes, that is indeed the most common question that we often ask. Interior design comes in so many variations and styles to the point it is difficult for us to distinguish from one another. While those with interior design background can easily point out what makes one style different from another, for us ordinary people with passion for interior design, this can be overwhelming. Knowing each of the interior design style’s characteristics may perhaps make it easier for us to determine which is which, and this is exactly what this article aims to provide you with – because without a clear understanding on the characteristics of particular Interior style, we may very well confuse one style for another.

As a start, have a quick look at the American Classic Interior Design and when you are done, take a look at the British Classic – without clear understanding on each characteristics, you may end up thinking it’s the same style! In order to be able to understand what American Classic style is about, you must keep on reading this article. Let’s start with the bigger picture of this particular style, when it comes to American Classic style, we associate the style with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which is accessorized with quite a number of simple adornments. The typical elements of the room designed using this style scheme we can find can be seen in the following:


When it comes to flooring, American Classic styled homes typically opt for either stone floors or wooden floors. This is done to create a natural and cozy look; this is also the reason why we can often find a classic brick fireplace. Nothing screams comfort and warmth quite like a fireplace.

Decorative items

Antique yet highly-functional decorative items such as baskets, carved wood, and pottery are commonly found in American Classic homes.


When it comes to furnitures, it’s clear that oversized furnitures in either simple, patterned fabrics or genuine are the number one choice in American Classic homes.

Color scheme

The color scheme of this American Classic Interior Design style typically consists of muted-color palette with colors such as cream and ivory white dominating each room. The contrasting color typically comes from the woodwork made out of hardwood that is used throughout the house – from the furnitures used such as cabinetry and dining room set, to the little things such mantle, windows, as well as rims and moulding.

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