Scandinavian interior design: How to design it?

Scandinavian interior design is pretty popular among homeowners. They love this particular design for several reasons. Some of them are because its beauty, simplicity, and utility. This interior style is elegant, warm, and functional. If you want to decorate your home interior in Scandinavian style, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Scandinavian flooring tips

To create Scandinavian styled home, you had better choose light colored wooden floor. You must install this floor in your entire home. For your bathroom, you can choose other kind of flooring. If you don’t like hardwood floor in light color, you can opt for wood flooring which is a bit darker.  You can also opt for other materials flooring in light color. However, you must avoid wall to wall carpets.

scandinavian color palette

Interior color tips

The right interior color can make your home looks very Scandinavian. Houses in Scandinavia usually decorated in light color. It is because they lack of natural lights in winter. And winter in this area is dark and long. That’s why most Scandinavian homes are painted in white. Others are painted in cool grey. To make the interior looks more attractive, you can add colorful textiles decoration. This particular décor will surely give a pop in your home interior.

scandinavian furniture inspiration

Furniture and decoration tips for Scandinavian homes

Scandinavian interior design looks modern and minimalist. Therefore, you must choose furniture in clean lines design. Minimalist and simple sofa, bed, kitchen set, and dining furniture set will make your interior looks attractive. And it will surely make your home oozes strong Scandinavian style.

Those furniture pieces may be simple and minimalist. But, they don’t lack of comfort. Scandinavian home is very livable and functional. Therefore, you must consider the functionality of your décor. If your decoration pieces only make your home look overcrowded, you had better forget it. There is some functional décor that you can consider. Some of them are cushion, blankets, curtain, mirror, and lighting fixture. You can decorate it with painting and other decorations as long as it is simple and clutter free.

scandinavian decoration

Add greenery in your home

If you want to make your home oozes Scandinavian atmosphere, you must add some greenery in your interior. Simply adding a potted plant in the corner of your living room can do the trick. A potted plant will make your home looks brighter. It also adds more life in your interior.

With those tips above, you don’t need to have a major redecoration project to add Scandinavian touches in your interior.

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