Minimalist Interior Design: What Makes It Attractive

“Less is more” seems to the driving force of the concept behind Minimalist Interior Design. This highly favored style has been increasingly making the rounds as of late, this is largely due to the fact that, in the recent years, more and more designers turn to this favorable minimalistic style when decorating living spaces. However, minimalist style does not mean everything has to be minimalistic to the point of the designed space looking cold and empty.

Minimalist Interior design
Minimalism – simplicity is the most sophisticated form

When we talk about Minimalist Interior Design, we talk about a unique design that is serene yet uncluttered, and clean but not sterile. Every single object and item displayed in the room has a room to breathe, giving us the opportunity to truly appreciate each of the element in the room. While there is a level of difficulty and intricate art of decorating living spaces using other interior design styles, adopting the minimalistic approach does not make the task any easier. If there is one thing that many people often mistake when they decide on using minimalist design, it is their false beliefs that minimalistic design is easier to put together and that minimalistic design is cheaper than other styles. These false beliefs are false for a number of reasons – just because it is minimalistic, does not mean it is easy and just because it is minimalistic does not mean it is cheaper.

There is a different art in minimalist style, this is because designers must be able to make each of the element that makes up the interior stands out without making the whole design seems cluttered or cramped. When it comes to color, minimalist interior uses muted color as default, this is done in order to ensure the centerpieces in the room has the chance to stand out. Accent color is typically used to highlight the furnitures and fixtures in the room, this accent color is typically of no more than two colors. When it comes to furnitures, minimalist interior focuses on simple and plain yet functional furnitures in either subdued or bold colors – with all of the surfaces being cleared of clutters. Materials of flooring can be anything you desire, it does not matter if you would like to go for concrete or even hardwood, the only thing you have to make sure of is that the flooring should be completely clean – more so when you would like to use a decorative rug for its focal point. This is the primary reason why Minimalist Interior Design rooms favor dark hardwood flooring.

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