Minimalist Interior Design: What Makes It Attractive

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“Less is more” seems to the driving force of the concept behind Minimalist Interior Design. This highly favored style has been increasingly making the rounds as of late, this is largely due to the fact that, in the recent years, more and more designers turn to this favorable minimalistic style when decorating living spaces. However, minimalist style does not mean everything has to be minimalistic to the point of the designed space looking cold and empty.

Minimalist Interior design

Minimalism – simplicity is the most sophisticated form

When we talk about Minimalist Interior Design, we talk about a unique design that is serene yet uncluttered, and clean but not sterile. Every single object and item displayed in the room has a room to breathe, giving us the opportunity to truly appreciate each of the element in the room. While there is a level of difficulty and intricate art of decorating living spaces using other interior design styles, adopting the minimalistic approach does not make the task any easier. If there is one thing that many people often mistake when they decide on using minimalist design, it is their false beliefs that minimalistic design is easier to put together and that minimalistic design is cheaper than other styles. These false beliefs are false for a number of reasons – just because it is minimalistic, does not mean it is easy and just because it is minimalistic does not mean it is cheaper.

There is a different art in minimalist style, this is because designers must be able to make each of the element that makes up the interior stands out without making the whole design seems cluttered or cramped. When it comes to color, minimalist interior uses muted color as default, this is done in order to ensure the centerpieces in the room has the chance to stand out. Accent color is typically used to highlight the furnitures and fixtures in the room, this accent color is typically of no more than two colors. When it comes to furnitures, minimalist interior focuses on simple and plain yet functional furnitures in either subdued or bold colors – with all of the surfaces being cleared of clutters. Materials of flooring can be anything you desire, it does not matter if you would like to go for concrete or even hardwood, the only thing you have to make sure of is that the flooring should be completely clean – more so when you would like to use a decorative rug for its focal point. This is the primary reason why Minimalist Interior Design rooms favor dark hardwood flooring.

Scandinavian interior design: How to design it?

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Scandinavian interior design is pretty popular among homeowners. They love this particular design for several reasons. Some of them are because its beauty, simplicity, and utility. This interior style is elegant, warm, and functional. If you want to decorate your home interior in Scandinavian style, here are some of the tips you can follow.

Scandinavian flooring tips

To create Scandinavian styled home, you had better choose light colored wooden floor. You must install this floor in your entire home. For your bathroom, you can choose other kind of flooring. If you don’t like hardwood floor in light color, you can opt for wood flooring which is a bit darker.  You can also opt for other materials flooring in light color. However, you must avoid wall to wall carpets.

scandinavian color palette

Interior color tips

The right interior color can make your home looks very Scandinavian. Houses in Scandinavia usually decorated in light color. It is because they lack of natural lights in winter. And winter in this area is dark and long. That’s why most Scandinavian homes are painted in white. Others are painted in cool grey. To make the interior looks more attractive, you can add colorful textiles decoration. This particular décor will surely give a pop in your home interior.

scandinavian furniture inspiration

Furniture and decoration tips for Scandinavian homes

Scandinavian interior design looks modern and minimalist. Therefore, you must choose furniture in clean lines design. Minimalist and simple sofa, bed, kitchen set, and dining furniture set will make your interior looks attractive. And it will surely make your home oozes strong Scandinavian style.

Those furniture pieces may be simple and minimalist. But, they don’t lack of comfort. Scandinavian home is very livable and functional. Therefore, you must consider the functionality of your décor. If your decoration pieces only make your home look overcrowded, you had better forget it. There is some functional décor that you can consider. Some of them are cushion, blankets, curtain, mirror, and lighting fixture. You can decorate it with painting and other decorations as long as it is simple and clutter free.

scandinavian decoration

Add greenery in your home

If you want to make your home oozes Scandinavian atmosphere, you must add some greenery in your interior. Simply adding a potted plant in the corner of your living room can do the trick. A potted plant will make your home looks brighter. It also adds more life in your interior.

With those tips above, you don’t need to have a major redecoration project to add Scandinavian touches in your interior.

Characteristics of American Classic Interior Design

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What makes American Classic Interior Design different? Yes, that is indeed the most common question that we often ask. Interior design comes in so many variations and styles to the point it is difficult for us to distinguish from one another. While those with interior design background can easily point out what makes one style different from another, for us ordinary people with passion for interior design, this can be overwhelming. Knowing each of the interior design style’s characteristics may perhaps make it easier for us to determine which is which, and this is exactly what this article aims to provide you with – because without a clear understanding on the characteristics of particular Interior style, we may very well confuse one style for another.

As a start, have a quick look at the American Classic Interior Design and when you are done, take a look at the British Classic – without clear understanding on each characteristics, you may end up thinking it’s the same style! In order to be able to understand what American Classic style is about, you must keep on reading this article. Let’s start with the bigger picture of this particular style, when it comes to American Classic style, we associate the style with a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere which is accessorized with quite a number of simple adornments. The typical elements of the room designed using this style scheme we can find can be seen in the following:


When it comes to flooring, American Classic styled homes typically opt for either stone floors or wooden floors. This is done to create a natural and cozy look; this is also the reason why we can often find a classic brick fireplace. Nothing screams comfort and warmth quite like a fireplace.

Decorative items

Antique yet highly-functional decorative items such as baskets, carved wood, and pottery are commonly found in American Classic homes.


When it comes to furnitures, it’s clear that oversized furnitures in either simple, patterned fabrics or genuine are the number one choice in American Classic homes.

Color scheme

The color scheme of this American Classic Interior Design style typically consists of muted-color palette with colors such as cream and ivory white dominating each room. The contrasting color typically comes from the woodwork made out of hardwood that is used throughout the house – from the furnitures used such as cabinetry and dining room set, to the little things such mantle, windows, as well as rims and moulding.

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Learning about types of Popular Creative Interior Design

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When it comes to creative interior design, many people without Interior Design background typically only go for what they think is visually appealing. Often they make their decorative decision based on their favorites, on whether they like it or not – not whether they look well when put together. This process typically takes a long time as they go by feel and after a while they often feel stuck, while decorating a room can be overwhelming, it doesn’t have to take years to complete. A good way to ensure the efficiency is by sticking to the design you are going for. The following is a list of a few popular design you can adopt for your interior.


Reflecting classic European-decor, Traditional design is a perfect design for those aiming for a warm yet elegant look. The trademark of this design is a combination of intricate architectural details, deep wood tones, and elegant furnishing.

American Classic

American Classic kitchen set

Unlike Traditional design, American Classic Interior emphasizes heavily on formal design with particular fabrics and woodwork. The woodwork isn’t restricted to cabinetry, but used throughout the house – from mantels, to ceiling moulding. Hardwood such as mahogany and chestnut are preferred whereas velveteens, brocades and tapestry are the preferred fabrics.


This design looks distinctive due to the emphasize on materials and shapes. It’s characterized in rigid geometric shapes with clean lines such as rectangles and squares. Wood and stainless steel or plastic are common materials used throughout the house.


Many people confuse Contemporary design for Modern, when in fact the former is evolving unlike the latter, this is why contemporary can be a fusion of Modern and Traditional – it evolves to follow the current creative interior design trend.


Minimalist Interior Design is characterized by muted color as the primary and completed with an accent color to highlight the accessories or furnitures you have – creating a clean and streamlined look.


The illusion of unfurnished material and rough surfaces or edges is what makes this design look raw yet inviting. With exposed bricks and polished concrete, steel beam with neutral color scheme giving the room a crisp and clean look.


The right combination of shape and functionality with equal mixture of proper amount of color and natural light. The Scandinavian Interior Design is characterized with light color scheme combined with colored furnishings and reclaimed lumber flooring.

Shabby Chic

Aiming for feminine and romantic look with a dash of vintage vibe? With Old French linens, vintage decorative items and soft-colored distressed paint, this creative interior design is perfection.

The Advantages of Having Wood Flooring

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Wood Flooring Installation can add more values of your home. Wood flooring is elegant and beautiful. It looks great for both traditional interior design and contemporary interior design. It is no wonder that numerous homeowners choose to have wood flooring in their homes. This particular flooring may be expensive. But, the advantage you’ll get from this flooring is worth the money you spend for it. Here are some of the wood flooring benefits you’ll get.

Easy to maintain

Beside easy installation, this kind of flooring is also easy to maintain. You don’t need to spend a lot of time and energy to clean your floor. You can mop it with a mix of water and special cleaner for wood flooring. Use soft cloth to mop the floor to avoid scratches. Before you mop it, you must vacuum it first. You must vacuum it more often than mopping it. In addition, you must keep your wood floor dry. Keeping it dry will make it more durable. If you spill drinks or sauce on this floor, you must wipe it immediately. Therefore, your wood floor will stay durable and stain free.


Wood flooring is durable. Not all wood floorings are created equal though. High quality wood is very durable. But, the low-quality wood is not as durable as the excellent quality. If you want to have wood flooring with excellent durability, you need to make sure that it is manufactured, kiln-dried, installed, and finished with high standard. Wood flooring is perfect for high traffic areas. It will last for many years with little maintenance.

Better acoustics

Wood flooring offers better acoustic compared to other types of flooring. When it is properly installed, you won’t hear hollow sounds from this floor.

Choices of Wood Flooring Variety

Wood flooring is available in choices wood species and colors. Therefore, you can get one that suits your interior. For contemporary styled interior, you can choose one that is in light color. For more traditional homes, you can choose one in darker color. Aside from choosing the species and color, you can also choose finished wood flooring and unfinished wood.

Healthier than other types of flooring

This particular floor has no embossing, grout lines, and fibers which can trap pet dander, dust, pollen, and allergens. It is perfect for those who have allergies. With this kind of flooring, you can minimize the occurrence of allergic reactions.

Wood flooring is definitely an excellent investment. Since it can last for generations, you must make sure that you choose the right one.

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Jakarta Teak Furniture Furnishing Tips, Get yours now

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If you want to make your interior looks unique, you must choose ethnic furniture to furnish your interior and exterior. One of the ethnic furniture styles you can choose are Jakarta furniture. Furniture pieces from Jakarta and other areas in Indonesia are unique and attractive. It has beautiful details which you will not find on other traditional furniture from other ethnics. Ethnic furniture pieces from Indonesia are made of various materials. Some of them are teak, rosewood, and mahogany. The most popular one is teak furniture.

The advantages of having teak furniture from Jakarta

There are several advantages that you’ll have if you furnish your space with teak furniture. Here are some of them.

Teak furniture is durable.

Teak is an excellent wood. It has high level of hardness. As a result, it can last for a very long time. This particular wood species can be used for making bed frames, wardrobes, cabinets, tables, and chairs. Due to the high level of hardness, teak wood can be easily shaped and cut. That’s why it can be used to make various types of furniture.

Teak can stand the weather pretty well

Teak furniture is weather proof. That’s why many homeowners choose this particular furniture to furnish their exterior, such as patios and porches. It will not be damaged when it is exposed to sun, rain, and cold. The color of unfinished teak will change when it is constantly exposed to sun. It will lose its brown color and turn into grayish ones. If you don’t like this change of color, you can choose stained or painted teak.

It adds elegance and luxury in your home

Teak furniture pieces are usually made in great design. It has beautiful details that look elegant and luxurious. As a result, they add more elegance and luxury in your interior.

How to buy Jakarta teak furniture

To get all the advantages of teak furniture, you must make sure that you buy ones in excellent quality. Teak woods are graded based on its quality. Grade A teak wood has excellent hardness. Aside from considering the grade of the wood, you must also make sure that it has low moisture level. A properly kiln-dried teak is very durable and strong. In order to have durable teak furniture, you need to choose one with 12% of moisture or lower. In purchasing teak furniture pieces, you must also consider the hardware quality, design, and price.

The Importance of Interior Design Tangerang

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Interior Design Tangerang is not only about what is aesthetically pleasing or beautiful to the eye. There are simply a lot of variables that go into a great design, all of which goes well beyond painting walls and putting furnitures in a certain way to invoke beauty or selecting the right fabrics to make the whole interior look in harmony. Majority of people would pay more attention in the infrastructure and the construction of a house, yet when it comes to the finishing touch – the interior design of the house, they feel like they could careless. While it is true that the construction of your house is important, one aspect that many people fail to realize that the house’s interior design is just as important.

This importance is apparent during the building process of either a hotel, shopping centre or even an office building. Very often the architect would bring the interior designer to the construction site to get a better preview of the building, that way they would be able to work together in deciding which design would go well for a particular area and how to optimize the space for specific areas – maybe the area in question is too narrow, or maybe it has such a limited space. Regardless of whether or not there is a special need for the aforementioned area, one thing that is sure is, without a doubt, the importance of Interior Design Tangerang is overlooked by many which is why majority of people do not apply this practice.

Minimalist Interior Design

Interior design may be leaning more towards art than the practical aspect of architecture; they are specializing in finding the right color schemes, fixtures, furnishings and finishes – not only that they are also the master of skillfully decorating and tastefully coordinating every single item in the room so that they enhance the overall beauty of the interior while at the same time, make use of every single inch of the room. Yes, its importance is not restricted to the art and beauty of the room; but also the optimization of the space you have. You may live in a small two-bedroom house with the kitchen, living room and dining room meshed into one, yet you can still optimize the room and give it the illusion that you have a much more bigger space with the proper interior design – something that rarely can be achieved without the help of Interior Design Tangerang.

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Inspirasi dapur American Classic

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Interior dengan gaya American Classic menampilkan gaya yang elegan namun sederhana. Dominasi warna putih dengan profil sederhana dan dilengkapi warna aksen hitam membuat gaya American Classic ini menjadi primadona untuk banyak kitchen set.