Design + Build


27 sqm


BSD, Banten



Modern 1 Bedroom Apartment

This 1 bedroom apartment show unit is 27 sqm. We introduced a modern, sleek and warm design to accommodates busy young couple. From the bedroom, living room and kitchen are specifically designed to be space saving, compact but full of functionality.

Neutral color tones combined with wood texture create a warm atmosphere.

As the color tone, our client want to have a clean, modern, unique vibes with warm lighting. Therefore, we chose neutral color tones blue and dark wood color. As we build the back panel, we bring out the texture using 3 main components: darkwood, dark blue with texture and little bit of gray mirror.

Open partition creates separation of spaces.

For the dining room, we put up an open partition to separate area for sleeping and dining. Open partition creates separation of spaces but does not make the space too tight. As for seating composition, we introduced bench with hidden compartment under to maximize the space and extra storage.

Well designed kitchen is the best kitchen.


We choose white as the main color because white is often associated with cleanliness and it looks nice in the kitchen. In addition, white also make the room feels more spacious compared to other color. Light wood texture also helps to warm up the ambience.


Backsplash play important role in color and ambience. For the backsplash, we are using bronze mirror to add warm color and make the room feels more spacious. Bronze mirror also add luxury feels in overall kitchen.


Finally, a well designed kitchen should have enough room to store everything. We design the storage to make sure all things have their own place to store. Tall unit to store most of the dry foods, easy access top unit and even more storage in the corner cupboard